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Kangarootime strengthens the bond between childcare professionals and the families they serve. Connecting to families has never been easier and implementing our cloud-based mobile application will fast-track your center to more comprehensive communication.

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Automating the revenue cycle gives our centers more time for what is important. We will collect every dollar of tuition for you. Automated billing statements ensure that there are no surprises.

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With credentialing reminders, medical alerts and adding an extra layer of encryption for every message, Kangarootime brings another level of protection to the user experience.

The Next Generation Technology for child care is here! Kangarootime is built from modern framework used by Google, Uber, Salesforce.com and Amazon. You deserve modern technology and we give it to you for FREE!
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A 2011 Pew study found that 72% of millennials agreed that the “husband and wife both have jobs/both take care of the house and children,” compared with just 63% of Gen Xers and 59% of Baby Boomers who agreed with that statement.

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Millennial Moms are also 67% more likely than Gen X moms to have received payment for running errands or helping others, using apps like TaskRabbit and GigWal.

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Millennial moms account for almost 90% of the 1.5 million new mothers within last year, up 50% from a decade ago.

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U.S. Millennial Moms – 90% own smartphones today, versus 65% in 2012