Tracking the developmental milestones of the infants in your care helps you monitor their progress and better connect with their families. While parents are away from their children, they love to be updated on their child’s daily activities and progress. Whether that be through daily notes, photos, messages, etc., parent engagement is crucial when it comes to running a childcare center or preschool.

To help make parent engagement easier while tracking your infants’ developmental milestones, Kangarootime has created a milestone tracking template for babies between 6-9 months. This template outlines important milestones children may meet during these ages as recommended by the CDC along with space to write your own. As you know, each child is different and may meet these milestones at different points. If you or a parent is concerned about a child’s development, contact the child’s pediatrician. 

To foster better parent communication and ensure even the smallest of milestones are recognized and celebrated, download the free template below.

Free Infant Developmental Milestone Tracker

To download this template for free, fill out the form below.

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