Outlining your childcare center’s key values is crucial to creating a strong learning environment and connecting to staff, children, and parents. In a recent webinar, Carol Garboden Murray joined us to discuss the common misconceptions society holds about care, such as care as something anybody can do. She examines the way we have been told to talk about early learning by aligning everything with academic categories such as math, science, and literacy and how this places care subordinate to education and makes care invisible. Carol invites us to join her in naming and illuminating the pedagogy of care in early childhood communities as an essential core value and powerful guiding principle.

Carol is a life long early childhood educator, early interventionist, director of childcare, and author. Her soon to be released book is called Illuminating Care: The Pedagogy and Practice of Care in Early Childhood Communities will be released in January 2021 by Exchange Press. Watch Carol’s full webinar below. 

Carol Garboden Murray

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