While navigating the reopening process, many childcare centers are facing unexpected challenges. With new safety procedures, lower enrollment, and an overall economic down period, many centers are struggling. On top of that, center owners and directors are working to make sure they’re staff feel supported and motivated. This can be a stressful and scary time for essential workers as they’re put at risk everyday. This can cause mental and physical stress on these teachers and they need help and support during these difficult times. 

Shira Leibowitz, CEO of Discovery Village Childcare & Preschool, joined us for a webinar to discuss tools and strategies for motivating and supporting staff during an age of pandemic and protest. Shira is an experienced school leader and is also the co-author of Coach Approach to School Leadership: Leading Teachers to Higher Levels of Effectiveness, which details coaching teachers. She offers great insight into navigating the major transformations we are experiencing as a society. 

Shira Leibowitz, CEO of Discovery Village Childcare & Preschool
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