Talking to children about the coronavirus can be a difficult and sensitive task. Making sure children understand what the virus is, what it does, and how to protect themselves from it are all topics that should be covered. To help make things easier, try reading a children’s book that explains the virus in a way children can understand. 

Hailey Glynn, a first grade teacher in Buffalo, NY and children’s author, recently wrote a book titled, When Virona the Corona Came to Town. This book explains what happened during the pandemic, talks about how it may have made people feel, explains key terms such as “social distancing” and highlights our heroes and essential workers during this time. 

Hailey recently sat down with Kangarootime’s Founder & CEO, Scott Wayman, to further discuss talking to kids about the coronavirus along with tips for e-learning. To watch their Facebook Live, click the video below. 

Hailey Glynn, First Grade Teacher and Author of When Virona the Corona Came to Town

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