Our Founder and CEO, Scott Wayman, recently joined Chanie Wilschanski, an Early Childhood Leadership and Culture Specialist and the CEO of School of Excellence for an interview.

Together, they discussed the importance of using data when making decisions. As childcare centers navigate these difficult times, there are so many decisions to be made. These could be when to reopen, how to reopen, and what the future of your center look like. To help make the “right” decisions, there are key data points owners should be collecting. Although making certain decisions can be challenging, having relevant data can help make the process easier. 

For further support on using data to make informed decisions, watch this webinar featuring Scott and Kangarootime’s Product Manager, David Gonzalez. They highlight the importance of data and also introduce our scenario modeling tool to help center owners navigate the economic down period.

If you’re looking to better your childcare center, check out the resources offered by the School of Excellence. The School of Excellence focuses on providing training and support to teachers and directors to build an excellent school. Click here to see the wide range of topics and sources offered that directly relate to managing or teaching at a childcare center.

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